How To Use The Shopping Cart

1.  Put Items in Your Cart
Shop around the site, adding items to your cart. Click on home or continue shopping to return to shopping areas.

2.  Preview Your Order
From your cart page click the
next button anytime to see an Order Summary.

3.  Proceed to Payment Center
When you're finished shopping and ready to check out, use the checkout button from the Order Summary page.

Read the instructions and messages at the top of every cart page. They will tell you what to do next. Click any of the buttons or links to move around the Shopping Cart. Do not use your browser back/forward buttons to move through the cart.

Here's what the Functions do:
  • Home
    This will take your browser back to our main page.

  • Continue Shopping
    This will take your browser back to the page you were viewing when you entered the Shopping Cart system, or possibly a main shopping area.

  • Update Quantity / Re-calculate
    This will update any changes in quantities you make to the items in your shopping cart. Enter a zero or blank to remove an item from your cart. Enter a different quantity to change the quantity ordered for a particular item. Then click the update quantity or re-calculate button to record changes.

    Important: If you make any changes in quantities you must run the update quantity or re-calculate before you proceed with next and checkout.

  • Delete Cart
    This will remove all items from your shopping cart.

  • Edit Cart
    This will return you to change the quantities of items currently in your shopping cart. If you change any quantities, you need to use the update quantity or re-calculate button before proceeding to next.

  • Next
    This will show an Order Summary for the items currently in your shopping cart. You may be prompted to enter information needed to calculate shipping, tax, etc. Then you will be able to view exact charges for your ordered items. This is just a preview and summary, no billing occurs until you complete the payment information and a final invoice is displayed.

  • Edit
    arrow, edit button
    This enables you to edit shipping or other information for your Order Summary.

  • Checkout
    This will take you to the checkout area where you will be prompted to enter payment information. When your billing information is entered, then click on the place order button for final processing. Nothing is billed until you've entered all needed payment information.

  • Place Order
    After you enter all needed payment information, then click on this button to submit your payment for final processing. If you are missing needed information you'll get further instructions. Follow the messages and prompts, and re-submit until you have all needed information complete. When your payment information is correct and approved, a final invoice will be displayed. You should print the final invoice for your records.

    Note: This is the final processing request, and your payment will be processed.

Is Your Cart Working?
If you are placing items into your cart, but they are not staying in your cart, then your browser may be rejecting cookies. To find out if your browser is rejecting cookies, place an item in your cart from anywhere on the site, and then click on the update quantity button. If your browser does not have cookies enabled, then you will be redirected to a page with an error message.

You'll need to enable cookies on your browser to use the shopping cart feature.
Why isn't the cart items count and sub total showing on site store pages?
This may be a new addition to the site since your last visit, if you have previously ordered or added to the cart on this site you will have to delete the cookies within your browser in order for these totals to register. It will be fine after you delete cookies on this session and on future visits. Sorry for any inconvenience.
On Privacy & Security
All items available for direct internet purchase will be processed through our shopping cart on our secure server so that all your information will be 128 bit encrypted through our certificate to avoid being intercepted by a third party. Once a purchase has been consummated an invoice will be generated describing the goods purchased, all costs assigned to the order. This invoice will be sent to your designated email address.

Problems Adding to Cart? Cookies must be enabled within browser settings. Lowering the security settings may also help. AOL users may need to turn on cookies as some browser versions are set to off by default. High personal firewall privacy settings may also effect cart operation but in most cases not. Norton / Symantec Personal Firewall users may have HTTP Referers turned off. Norton Internet Security when set to not report HTTP Referers is a so called "privacy" issue for a user. For the website owner it's a "security" issue if they don't report the referer, almost a catch-22. Just turn referers on by:

Advanced Options / Privace Tab / Referer

The shopping cart works through cookie technology. Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies for cart to function properly. Early Netscape version 3 and other various browsers may not comply with the most recent secure certificate issuing organizations. It is possible you may get an alert concerning certificate being outdated. Upgrade your browser by clicking the Thawte icon to resolve any problem issues.

Attention Internet Explorer Users! You may receive a Page Not Found error page when you click "Checkout" or "Place Order". Simply click the Back Button on your Browser and Click Button Again.

Your Browser Must Be Cookies and Javascript Enabled.

Setting Cookies Browser Option:
Please check your browser settings to ascertain that it will accept cookies. Access these settings in Internet Explorer through Tools/Internet Options/Security/Custom Level/Cookies: Enable. Netscape - go to: Edit / Preferences / Advanced - Bullet either "Accept all Cookies" or "Accept only cookies that get sent back to original server".

Checking your browser options/preferences to make sure JavaScript and Java are enabled.
Netscape 4.x - 7.x
Edit / Preferences / Advanced

MSIE 6.x
Tools / Internet Options / Advanced - Java VM
Tools / Internet Options / Security / Internet / Custom Level / Java Permissons - Medium to Low Safety, Scripting - All Enabled.

Security SSL - MSIE 6.x
Tools / Internet Options / Advanced - Security
SSL 2.0
SSL 3.0

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